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“Self- Love, Self-Help, Self-Control?: Thinking About Dominion from the Inside-Out”

October 23, 2018

A lecture given by Sarah Chestnut at Southborough L'Abri on October 20th, 2018.

Part 3 of the theme weekend: Created to Make a Difference: Redeeming Human Agency in God’s World.

For more information, visit www.labri.org/mass and for more L'Abri lectures, visit the L'Abri Ideas Library.

If a biblical understanding of human dominion involves exercising care and responsibility for God's creation, how might we exercise dominion over our inner worlds--our thoughts and feelings?  What might self-control have to do with this endeavor?  We will consider how the Holy Spirit's work of  're-humanizing' us empowers us to do the work of dominion from the inside-out.


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