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22 Things I Have Learned From Life by Dr. Donald J Drew

April 17, 2020

22 Things I Have Learned From Life

by Dr. Donald J. Drew

L’Abri 2001


 “I listened to this lecture last month on Nickaela’s recommendation. It’s full of gems! I played it for one of our Wednesday night Wild Cards and it became a light-hearted competition to try and discern what the actual 22 things were. One of the most helpful things was his way of emphasizing that God doesn’t play games!”­ — Anna Friedrich

Dr. Donald J. Drew studied at Cambridge and was President of the Christian Union and worked at L'Abri for a number of years. His books include Images of Man: A Critique of the Contemporary Cinema (1974) and Letters to a Student: Encouraging Words from a Christian Mentor (2003).

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